Other places to find legal help and information
in Genesee County:

Free Legal Information and Self-Help Tools:

Michigan Legal Help has legal information and tools to help you handle many legal problems on your own. Toolkits for common legal problems include: Articles to help you learn more, Do-It-Yourself tools to prepare forms, and Checklists that guide you through each step of the process. There are also referrals to other resources that can help you, including lawyers, Self-Help Centers, and community organizations.

You can also find legal information at the Michigan Courts Self-Help Center.

Free Legal Aid programs in Michigan

The following organizations provide free legal help. Mostly they help people whose family income is low. Sometimes they help people no matter how much they make - mostly people who are abused or over age 60. They don’t take criminal cases, only cases that can’t send you to jail.

If you have a criminal legal question, we are unable to help you through MI Free Legal Answers, if you cannot afford a criminal attorney, contact the Genesee County Public Defender Program or call: 1-810-257-3484 for free assistance.

If you need to hire a lawyer, find a local one (not free):

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